Subscription Service

Collected offers a completely free subscription service. You will never miss an issue of your favorite comic, graphic novel, toy, or new collectible. To take advantage of our fully computer administered subscription service come in your local store or email us at the address below to set it up.  We take pride in our accuracy and quality condition of the books that we hold for our subscribers.  Become Collected today!


Email Web Store Shopkeeper


To set up a Basic Collected subscription account all you need is:


  1. A minimum of 1 monthly title on your subscription account.
  2. A valid ID, telephone number, and email address
  3. Required pick up of your reserved comic and items within 14 days of release if local, or we mail out on a schedule of your choosing.


Benefits to a Basic Collected Subscription Service:

  1.  Never miss an issue!
  2.  Exclusive members only sales and giveaways not open to the general public.
  3. Your books will be handled gently and kept from harm.