Johnny the Homicidal Maniac set - #1 & 2

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  • Featuring the first two issues of the cult classic series from Slave Labor Graphics!
  • #1 is a seventeenth printing in Good (2.0) condition**
  • #2 is a thirteenth printing in Good/Very Good (3.0) condition**
  • Bear in mind that these comics, while fully intact and readable, are pretty beat up, and due to their condition they have little value as investment collectibles and should be considered "reader" copies only.

**While our in-house grader has considerable experience and strives to evaluate every book as accurately as possible, there will always be an inherent subjective component to comic grading. This is why instead of using stock images, we provide high-resolution scans of the front and back cover for the actual item for sale, which we strongly suggest consulting to inform your opinion of the book’s condition.